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Finding Long-Term Solutions

We aren't like other legal recruitment and staffing agencies—and it shows. We don’t just find you a solution to your current staffing needs: we work to find solutions for the future, helping you find a long-term fit that is right for your firm. Our goal is to make the right hire every time.

Our Strengths


    With over 60 years of industry experience, Seattle-based Emerald Search Partners strives to help firms and companies develop a solid recruitment and staffing strategy. Our exceptional, relationship-based approach means our clients can trust us with their candidate search while they focus on what matters most.  


    Unencumbered by monthly quotas or shareholders to satisfy, we take our time in learning what you need and endeavor to find a workable solution that makes sense for you. Being smaller and not constrained by outside forces enables us to have our fingers on the pulse of what is going on in the Seattle legal market. 


    Identifying and hiring dependable employees can be costly and exhausting. By engaging Emerald Search Partners, there is never a fee to start the recruiting process! In addition, once that hire is made we provide a guarantee period that is longer than the industry average to ensure ultimate satisfaction. Contact us to learn more. 

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Our Clients

At Emerald Search Partners, we understand that your time is better spent on growing your business, not on filling your staffing needs. We believe in developing quality relationships with our clients from the start and finding them the right candidates every time.​

Job Seekers Employers

We have worked with the team at Emerald Search for a number of years and can always rely on the team to provide us with high quality candidates that meet our various needs. Emerald Search has promptly responded to our immediate needs for document review attorneys on a moment’s notice, and provided us with a series of candidates and the computer equipment required for the review - all at competitive rates. We appreciate working with this amazing team of recruiters.

- Managing Partner | Boutique Law Firm

If you need a TOP NOTCH professional legal recruiter with excellent connections in Seattle, Priscilla is your gal. She has always had my best interests at heart whenever I have needed her help and my recent experience was the best yet. Both Priscilla and Kibby at Emerald Search Partners are wonderful to work with and listened carefully to what I was looking for in a new position and found it! I'm very happy with my new position and firm, it is the perfect fit for me with wonderful folks. Thank you Priscilla and Kibby! Give them a call if you're looking for temp or direct hire in Seattle -- you will be happy you did!

- Legal Assistant | Seattle

Every time we’ve been in a pinch to get contract attorney help, ESP has, at a moments notice, provided us with quality candidates —individuals who we trust to do the work well and who we will definitely hire again!

- Director Of Human Resources | Sophisticated Boutique Law Firm

Priscilla was our contact for staffing on a large project. She and her team were immediately responsive to every request we sent, and kept in tune with our specific needs. Her team also kept in communication with each other, so whomever we contacted knew our particular situation. She was a pleasure to partner with.

- Legal Project Manager | Large Corporation

My firm and I couldn’t be happier in working with Emerald Search Partners. Priscilla, Kibby and Greg at ESP have been our go-to staffing and recruiting company for years for nearly all positions at the firm. They have taken the time to understand our firm’s culture and our expectations for each position they assist us in filling. That insight, coupled with their knowledge of the legal market, allows them to present only those candidates who are qualified and have been properly screened, specific to our firm’s needs. Whether it’s a short-term temporary need or an attorney with a book of business, ESP has consistently provided us fantastic employees and people!

- Firm Administrator | Mid-Sized Law Firm

The professionalism and commitment to finding the right fit that Emerald Search Partners demonstrates is unmatched. Legal staffing employment agencies are the cornerstone in a thriving legal industry, and I have relied upon such agencies for decades. Through ESP, I landed a perfect fit dream job as a Senior Paralegal in a boutique Seattle law firm; and the best part is that we're equally grateful to ESP for bringing us together! I highly recommend Emerald Search Partners. Their network is extensive, their reputation in the legal community is stellar, and they have a seasoned and experienced second sense about how to fit employees with employers.

- Paralegal | Bellevue

While working with Emerald Search I have been continually impressed (frankly astonished) by the level of service I received. I want to extend my sincere thanks to the team for all the hard work you folks put in on your end to find me work and, ultimately, a position at an excellent firm. I can truly say that my brief time with your company was one of my most positive work experiences. Especially notable was the excellent level of communication extended to me - I wish all employers followed up so diligently and made an effort to reach employees through more than one medium. I do not believe I would have my current position without your help.

- Legal Assistant | Seattle Law Firm

I've known Greg for about seven years now. In fact, when I moved from Seattle, WA, down to Portland, OR, he was responsible for finding me my first great job down there. But his connection with me did not stop there. That is to say, I was not just a number to Greg. We kept in touch. I was not a dollar sign to Greg, I was a client, and a friend. Just recently, Greg remembered me and my work history while he was meeting with some attorneys about five months ago. I now have a dream job. It is a fantastic position that has reawakened my desire to be an attorney. I wouldn't have it had Greg simply forgotten about me as soon as he found me one job way back in 2008. Greg is smart, driven, very knowledgeable, and is one of the hardest working people I know. He has also become a great friend. I would not hesitate to recommend Greg and Emerald Search Partners to anyone.

- Attorney | Portland

Emerald Search was my first experience with a recruiter when I moved to Seattle, from Florida two weeks ago. After submitting a resume to their website a few days after arriving in town, I was contacted by Emerald Search immediately (the following morning) and was set up with two interviews for the next day. Needless to say, I had the shortest job search in history, as I was offered a position that I am very satisfied with, from a very reputable and professional law firm in downtown Seattle.

- Legal Assistant | Seattle

Where do I start?!?!! Priscilla is amazing!!! She is thorough, responsive and incredibly helpful. She has assisted our firm in so many areas. Whether it was assisting us with finding a temporary receptionist at the drop of a hat to our firm needing 10-15 contract reviewers in a matter of days AND coordinating the loan of monitors and laptops to accompany them. She just gets it and does an incredible job. She follows through, follows up and genuinely cares about her relationships and the firms that she supports. I can go on and on but really... she is fabulous!! I am so glad I have had the pleasure of working with her in the past and very much look forward to working with her again.

- Firm Administrator | Mid-Sized Law Firm

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